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Buying Of Survival Food Increasing With 2012 Approaching

Raymond Berkoh | Sunday, 13 November 2011

Many people have started to stock up on long-life freeze dried food for various reasons, some due to Mayan calendar predictions that a new dawn in our lives will arrive on December 21st 2012 and that global events will change our lives forever. With the world hitting 7 billion people and global warming, it is not difficult to see how people can assume that there are some tough times ahead for the human race.

There are lots of reasons to buy freeze dried emergency food:


  1. When rains pour, drought strikes or there are heavy snow falls, supermarket shelves quickly empty
  2. Our freeze dried food has a shelf-life of 25 years, making it fantastic for future emergencies
  3. Our foods are not made with any preservatives, colourings or preservatives
  4. Investing in long-life food is a smart move. What is more important than food in our lives?
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